Whenever we get to experience the true essence of spirituality, we end up finding our body and soul heading towards heaven. indeed your life can walk on your footsteps once you are determined to get rid of this materialistic world. you have to devote yourself in the service of almighty to understand what it takes to introspect yourself. thus having a visit of beautiful and religious destinations may weave a path in terms of unveiling your own world.

let’s take you to the journey of 5 interesting facts about a miraculous destination often entitled as ‘Kedarnath’ :
  • Located in The Himalayan Range : The religious temple is situated at the height of 3583 meter right from the sea level in the himalayan range. the region is spreading its glory in the indian state named as Uttarakhand. the way towards the temple is full of valleys that demands some courage to climb the astounding path heading to the temple. this shrine is considered to be one of the chardham in the same mentioned state.

  • Belief of Construction: as per the study it is evident that this shrine was built by the Pandavas of mahabharata which was further modified with the belief and worship of Adi Shankara who reconstructed the same temple in the 8th century.

  • Famous Jyotirlingam : This Pilgrimage is termed as one the 12 Jyotirlingam of the almighty shiva. this is the highest jyotirling having a geometry of pyramid. the religious shrine comes in limelight when it began to menifest miracles despite the dangerous disaster like flood coming out with rage of mandakini river.

  • The Tale Behind The Temple : when Pandawas were done with coming across a battle of righteousness, they started to feel the sorrow of killing their own cousin brothers as they were needed to commit this sin in order to establish the wall of justice and delight. so they headed towards himalayas in search of lord shiva to seek his help just to dissolve the burden of their sins. lord shiva decided to remain incognito and came in disguise of a strange buffalo. bhima i.e. one of the pandawas, began to go in pursuit of the unique buffalo. with little efforts, he ended up catching the tail of that buffalo. when he exerted his arms to pull the tail, the body of the unique buffalo got disassembled and fell on various places known as Panchkedars. the hump of the animal fell on the destination stated as kedarnath. lord shiva forgave the sins of pandawas and persisted to keep his manifestation in the form jyotirling.

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