We all know what it means to be healthy, enthusiastic and energetic but lesser we know how we get transmitted and get stranded in the web of diseases leading us down. some diseases may leave you unconscious, disturbed, anxious and irritating. so when it comes to coming out of this clutter, we need to be firm,patient and persistent from within. Nipah Virus is an ailment spreading its reach everywhere unless any permanent precaution to avoid this, is made.
we need to come across these points carefully to establish some facts and essential information about this disease :
  • What is Nipah Virus: this is a kind of zoonosis which is considered as an ailment affecting humans through the infection of fruit-bats. this type of disease is necessarily discovered in Malasiya for the first time spreading its existence right from September 1998 to April 1999. thus Nipah was entitled as the name of this disease following the name of city ‘Nipah’ firstly infected of this crisis.

  • Cause of Infection : Generally this virus stems into human body when he takes any fruit infected from the Urine of any ‘fruit-bat’ who is suffering from this virus. it was reported that 265 people were compelled to lose their life owing to presence of this troubled infection.

  • How it Transmitted into Humans : As per the appropriate research made by WHO i.e. world health organization, it is found that human himself is the main reason behind the traumatic clutter of such disruption as humans started to deforest the trees in for their selfish motive and consequently fruit-bats began to look for their survival which was lost there in the deforestation. it occurred into the body of human when he took his meal as fruit affected of this virus.

  • Its reach in Indian State Kerala : Around 15 people have so far been dead due to intensity of its approach. this virus is so contagious that it transmits from human body to human body very easily once person goes careless about it. recent death of a nurse serving the infected patients is the pure instance of this. thus necessary remedies are to be taken as to get rid of this disastrous disease.

  • Symptoms of this Virus : This virus makes its entry in the human body with the precautionary symptoms in terms of fever, headache, confusion, disturbance, comma and memory loss. one is supposed to get into touch with their consultant to conquer this crisis if they are suffering from mentioned pain. this is the reason doctors recommend us to cover our entire body right from mouth to leg to get away with this contagious infection which can even head us towards the path of death.

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