When life brings you down and you tend to believe that it is going to be hard to maintain a stability between your thoughts and emotional intelligence then you have to understand and find a way to get out of this problem. you need to stand up to fight the battle of your shortcomings that is troubling you the most and if you swear to be firm from within then these chaos will never take place.it is truly essential to be vigilant about your mental and physical state to be unique amidst the crowd of so called intellectuals. when you wish to take a giant step to head towards the path of success, then you should be known that it is the step towards your physical health. your health plays a great role in an effort to lead a worthy and convenient life.

we are required to follow these vital points to erect a good personality:

  • Exercise on daily basis : You should be determined to attain an exposure of daily exercise as to spend a disease free life. you will feel an experience of endearing happiness once you are destined to make your body fit and fine. you must at least do 20 push-ups in a day to strengthen your muscles. initially it will take you hard to abruptly come up to 20 push-ups. you can initiate the exercise right from 5 to 20 push-up per day. you will notice an incredible change in your physique along with a certain pace of time.
  • Learn to be happy in adverse circumstances : It is easy to keep your conscience glad in favorable conditions but it is equally tough to keep it delightful in adverse situations. more you make an effort to embrace your positive instincts, you will weave a way towards eternal pleasure what further awards you an admirable etiquette to sharp your emotional intelligence.
  • Avoid Fast Food Completely : When you take unnecessary eatables and fast-food like pizza, burgers , beverages etc. which are not much advantageous as to fulfill your nutritional needs, your appetite will get affected adversely that turns you into the trap of bad ailments like obesity and fat. thus in order to achieve greater heights to maintain your health, you have to take worthy and energetic eatables like fruits apples, bananas, oranges and eggs. as a matter of fact eggs are to be taken in abundant as it has value of cholesterol to be 124% and value of protein to be 26% whereas milk contain total carbohydrate to be 1 % and protein to be 6%. therefore to survive nutritionally strong ,these meals are most preferable.
  • Drink 3.7 liters of water Daily : The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine discovered that a fit and firm man should take 3.7 liters of water whereas a woman should take 2.7 liters of water per day. this particular amount of water helps you maintain your body balance and plays a prominent role in the digestion of those constituents you consumed. consumption of water keeps you away from the trap of many unwanted diseases like asthma, allergy, migraine etc.
  • Wake up Early in the Morning : Morning sunlight has an amazing charm to stem an effect of positiveness in our soul. so to realize the profoundness of those optimistic vibes you are supposed to make sure that you get up before the sun rises. a healthy and strong human should be recommended to wake up at sharp 5’o clock and should remain awake till the end of the day unless you feel some sense of exertion.

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