let’s take you to the journey of an unpredictable story of two strangers who unknowingly and apparently fell for each other :

The feeling of togetherness and being in love with someone is so incredible that you can’t get over with this realization once you are destined to experience it. She was on verge of completing her 12th standard. She hadn’t collided to my life so far. But here I am elaborating her because somewhere in me she has sustained a significant space. She was likely to join her further studies after seeing her eye-catching results that would indeed leave everyone in awe.

She aspired to pursue fashion designing for which she had to choose a suitable institution so that she could be taught well and gain fruitful outcomes. My university was allowing meritorious students to grab their talents. My university was usually considered to be one of the top nurturer who gives students an ease of unleashing their inner self. University was entitled as Amity University.

She wore a beautiful top which led me to drive myself towards her, the time my eyes lifted up. She had adorned an amazing aroma of glorification. I found my heartbeats beating fast with increased pace with every walking step of her. She was there close to me as distance between me and her was quite lessened when she attempted to ask me the way towards dean office. I was stunned for a while that I couldn’t pay attention to what she murmured. To situate the situation in apt manner, one of my new friends suggested her the stairs going to dean’s office. Naveen wondered how awestruck I was on seeing her arrival. He was likely to laugh the moment I moved my state into neutral condition. What had happened to you ? (he asked)

I was dumb to deliver the words. She was scrolling my mind and heart and I told him that nothing had happened. But I was knowing the eagerness which was competing the race of thoughts inside me. I was truly in rush to exchange words with her but lesser I knew anything about her. Not even her name.

I was in hurry to know her name and very next day I determined to catch it by hook and crook. I was in the central park located near the shining cafeteria of university. It had been an hour that my eyes were looking her glimpse. It took me a bit to identify her walking steps when she was heading towards cafeteria. She ordered one cup of tea.

Bhaiya one tea please (she ordered).

Please prepare two.( I said and paid the bill)

You seem to be seen somewhere , have I ? (she asked)

May be , guess guess !! ( I said in delighted mood)

Oh I knew when I asked for dean sir’s office. Thank you for that ( she said)

What’s your name by the way ( she questioned )

Pratik and yours ( I asked in curiosity to seek her response)

Story To Be Continued…..

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