It is usually incredible to know that even a battle can take us towards constructive future and giving us an encouragement to unveil the curtain of hidden truths of life. when it comes to expressing our knowledge in terms of remembering the ancient battle of righteousness entitled as ‘Mahabharat’ , we tend to hear this tale without becoming aware about its real essence.

This blog deals with narrating the lessons, we can grab from Mahabharat warrior Karna :

  • Eternal Friendship: Friendship means, standing by to the person in his all odds despite any circumstance. Duryodhana had helped him by securing his self esteem from getting deteriorated from the disrespect of people. Karna also known as Radheya, decided to devote a commitment of friendship to Duryodhana right from that time. in the entire tale of mahabharat it can be experienced that Karna never doubted his companionship till the end of his life. he was named Radheya because he had been up-brought by the mother named Radha who found him floating on the bank of river Gange.

  • Compliance of Rules : We tend to become unstable in terms of leading this life if we keep certain reluctance to follow the mediocre principles of life. he was so consistent and dedicated that he used to find happiness in obedience of rules. he always believed that it is inappropriate to go beyond the limits of rules. this is the reason he never attacked any unarmed warrior in the session of battle.

  • Austerity: He always had a zeal to be the best in his work he is passionate about. he was keen to learn the education of archery and thus he made many efforts to get in touch with efficient teachers but he was rejected by the fact that he is the son of the person who carries a lower caste and they don’t nurture the students who are not son of warriors. this injustice lit a fire in his heart and he consequently learnt archery from his guru Parshuram with a lie that he was a Kshatriya. later on he was cursed from the same teacher for his lie which made him forget all his archery knowledge when he needed it the most.

  • Never Giving Up Despite Knowing the Truth of His Death: He had been known that he is going to be killed by warrior Arjuna but despite this, his courage made him not lose his attitude of winning over failure. his power was sufficient to kill Arjuna unless he was cursed by Parshuram. betrayal of Lord Krishna itself proves the strength of Radheya Karna.

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