A girl child should always be considered with a sense of respect and reverence but in some parts of our country, she has been treated in a worse manner which has deeply inculcated a thought in most of the girls that they have no regard in terms of their existence. but a village of Indian State named Rajasthan has proved their illusion wrong and attempted to give girls their honor they deserve.

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1. Execution of Idea: The astounding village leaving us all in awe is located in the Rajsamand District of Rajasthan. The village is named as Piplantri that marks a symbol of honor towards girl children irrespective of all hardships. Shyam Sundar Paliwal who once was a Sarpanch of Piplintari village dreamed of empowering the women of the town and initiated this step to implement his idea. in earlier times birth of girl child was considered as a burden for the members of family of the town. but a great start of his spectacular vision towards securing the earth along with women turned all stereotypes and opened eyes of entire villagers.

2. Support From Villagers: As he headed towards taking his journey ahead, he never knew that he will be cooperated by abundant response of villagers. he was overwhelmed with tears of happiness as the residents started to encourage his mission diligently. he said to Hindustan Times that
“Analysing the statistics of the village for many years, I have observed that on an average, there are about 120 child births during a year, out of which half or 60 are girls. It has been our effort that our daughters become self-reliant so that parents do not consider them a burden.”

3. Legal Agreement among Residents : It has been clarified that residents come forward as a financial assistance towards new born daughter and deposit 21,000 rupees where as 10,000 rupees are deposited by girl’s parents as legal assistance for girl till she becomes mature and breach the age limit of 18 years. parents truly take an oath and sign an affidavit fixing their daughter’s future.

4. An Admiring Step to be lauded: it is very prominent to think about environment as it is the base of our living. we breathe in sustainable way owing to this stable condition of environment. so it is our prime obligation to secure the future requirements of our atmosphere to live and survive healthy. in these terms This village has enlightened a lamp of change in our attitude to lead in our work with a mark.

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