We Indians, reside in country where religion is considered as a medium to attain spirituality. but can spirituality just be achieved by making a visit of temple, mosque or a church. should we all understand the depth of its essence and importance? first of all it is necessary to know that according to a an ancient scripture named as ‘bhagwatgeeta’, religion gives you a knowledge of righteousness unlike different definitions interpreted by many intellectuals. this blog deals with some flaws and misinterpretations that people usually make in the name of religion.

  • Disrespect Towards Religious Places: You may have observed that the very first thing that you get with an idea of visiting a tourist destination is wandering in the beauty of that natural atmosphere. but when it comes to go for a temple which may be situated at a beautiful place, why people alter their preference and priority. when you head towards such places, your intentions become very eminent as you may be heading to attain focus and meditation that should not be compromised with clicking photographs and enjoying near god’s idols. your enjoyable activities may hand you pleasure and fun but your adventurous acts at these places are building a sense of disrespect towards those diligent devotees who are practicing to gain salvation with help of their Karma.


  • Deteriorating Existence of Peace: Temples are made for the purpose of availing us a sense of peace. but youth has been getting away from this truth as they majorly worship by making noise while it is said that silence takes you closer to patience and humility. this avoidance of peace may be noticed in all religious places and you will find most of devotees to be murmuring while praying.


  • Disbelief: People tend to think that they can get their wishes fulfilled by worshiping the idol of their god but they may have forgotten that why they are worshiping that individual idol. they should know the practical prominence of the mantra that they are chanting. praying to god may bring you eternal peace but your dreams and desires will only be completed once you make an effort to aspire a solution of your worries. your chanting is of not use if you want your wishes to come true without doing ‘Karma’

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