When it comes to delivering your thoughts into actions, you tend to understand the process of its transformation. it is probably a tough task to be a humble and generous person who has been consistently developing the sense of help and harmony towards those who are suffering from pain. this blog defines the rigorous lifestyle of a personality who was committed to embrace his strengths and made us understand unique importance of spirituality in order to discover ourselves.

let’s go through a journey of traits of an extra-ordinary individual named ‘Swami Vivekanand’ who left the world in awe :

  • Curious: Swami Vivekanand was fairly confident and curious about knowing the answers of his profound questions. he had failed many times in his attempt to discover the existence of God. he made a good research over it by seeking the answers of this question. but response from some intellectuals left him unsatisfied. consequently, he got his doubt cleared from a monk named ‘Ram Krishn Paramhans’, whom he met later, on suggestion of his college professor.


  • Helpful: Right from early age, he had started to serve himself for the welfare of needy citizens. he never stepped back from helping the poor who had been looking for an appropriate shelter. his nature and commitment to extend politeness was further reflected in the campaign entitled as ‘Ram Krishna Paramhans Mission’,which played a significant role of enlightenment for people suffering from extreme poverty.


  • Meditative: He had a sharp presence of mind as he used to practice meditation from his very childhood. he had known the prominence of self realization which helped him deeply focus on his aim. he had a firm belief on idol worship because he thought that worshiping an idol makes you pay your deep regard for that individual personality.
  • Conscious: He aspired to spread awareness about importance of spiritual knowledge among all parts of world. he delivered many speeches and sermons to empower and enlighten the youth. so that they keep on coming with an idea of self discovery. this is the reason, we indians celebrate his birthday i.e. 12 January as “National Youth Day”. he had also shown the power of his generosity at ‘Shikago’, when he performed his speech and embraced attention of entire youth by his kind words. he had shared these unforgettable lines which are considered to be showing India’s Importance. he said :

” We not only believe in universal tolerance, but we accept all religions as true”

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