Mahatma Gandhi once said that “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” and this quote shows us mirror about the kind of development we want as an individual, one which can fulfill our necessities or one which can fulfill our greed. if we want to get our demands fulfilled, we need to respect mother nature so that our needs can be addressed by nature.


Along with the changing time, our needs are also changing, in ancient times we humans hunted animals for seeking the meals, broke trees for making shelter. all our requirements were addressed but when we reached across the timeline from ancient age to industrial age, we gradually started taking nature for granted. just for the sake of our own advantage, we started depleting the resources like never before. right from using nature to fulfilling our needs, we reached to exploiting nature for our greed and consequences are among us. green house gases raise the temperature of globe. solar ice is melting. sea levels are increasing. there is scarcity of sustainable development which can complete our demands but can also safeguard our nature.


sustainable development is key to address appropriate solution to these problems. but it is possible get rid of these troubles and recent example of this is using bio-fuel instead of fossil fuel. it can be observed that there has been successful test of first bio-fueled commercial flight. we are attaining our needs of energy from renewable source of energy instead of conventional fossil fuel. we will be breathing fresh air and more healthy life style. also we will be developing our G.D.P. by sustainable development along with intelligent utilization of natural resources. development with protection of environment is possible and viable which is a way of better living for our future and for generation to come.

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