One Nation One Card is an ambitious scheme of government of india to avail any public transport, be it train or trauma, be it metro or monorail, be it buses or cab services. you can travel anywhere in the country without carrying cash. this card will provide solutions to long queues to purchase tickets for buses and trains. this will bring an ease of travelling to the commuters and thus better transportation will be availed. this card is aimed to boost public transport and encouraging citizens to use public transport to curb the problem of increasing pollution. this scheme is running successfully in Delhi Ncr region as one metro card is enough to access Metro, Rapid Metro and DRTC buses. this provides ease to end users and they prefer public transport over private one.

Although there are hurdles in this scheme which are supposed to be rectified. there are immense troubles on current public transport. there are scarcity of resources to handle such a large population so more vehicles are needed to be introduced in the stream. apart from this, modernization and maintenance in the current system is also required.

The remedy to deal with this loophole is to work with public-private partnership module. it will further help in generating funds and will provide better utilization of resources which will consequently curtail the pressure on the public transport as well. these scheme can be considered as milestone in public transportation. it will motivate the consumer to use this transportation. Pollution will also be checked as modern vehicles are going to be Eco-friendly which will be more advantageous and economical to the both customer as well as public-private entities this ‘One Nation One Card’ will be breakthrough step which will make our journey quick, cashless, comfortable and affordable.

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