Triple Talaq or Talaq-e-Biddat is a much awaited and much debated issue addressed by supreme court which was raised by shayra baano. A lot of muslim women raised their voice to end this triple talaq as it is prohibited in other 22 nations. After a long hearing, supreme court abolished triple talaq and asked govt to act upon it.

Govt purposed ” muslim women prevention of right on marriage act” in parliament but it got stuck in rajyasabha itself as other members of upper house raised serious concerns about the act. so government,instead of addressing and rectifying those issues, bypasses the system and wrongfully passes the ordinance.

this is a very alarming concern as article 121 of constitution provides power to make ordinance if there is an extreme urgency but govt misused its power. also talaq-e-biddat ordinance itself has serious issues such as this ordinance creates another act to punish husband whereas we have much capable domestic violence act which addresses all problems related to women and marriages. so should this be really necessary to create another law..? these cases are also taken by criminal court whereas it is a civil and household issue. wouldn’t it be better if these issues are resolved by a civil court..?

This ordinance only enables muslim women who got divorced. this law is not applicable for women of other religion, who got abandoned by their husbands. so there is need of rectification of such issues with proper and purposed system of governance and it should also be made sure that women, round the country get justice irrespective of their religion.

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