If you receive (Doesn’t matter less or more),
but undivided attention,
It means, you are important.
If you are important,
It means,you are a priority.
If you are a priority, Stay stick to it always.
Preserve that place or person whatever it is..Forever.!!

If you are ignored everytime,
Then you must not be important for them/that.
If you are no more important,
Then you are not a priority,
If you are not a priority,
It means you are an alternative,
If you are an alternative
It means you are replaceable,

If you are replaceable,
Then the best part for you is,. replace the place, Find another.. That truly belongs to you…
Where you are important.
Where you are priority
Where you are not an alternative
Where you come in count
Where you are,Not replaceable.

Seek True and right place,
Look around, & seek what really seeks you
Something that really belongs to you..

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