WTO( WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION) is an umbrella organisation which looks upon the international trade & monitors trade policies and favor for better and fair trade practices in the globe

In this era when the world is globalised,interdependent,interrelated and interconnected,role of multilateral organisations become extremely important and there comes need to become strong enough so that free and fair trade practices will be ensured but as the current scenario deciphers that world is moving more towards protectionism and challenging the visions and goals of these organisations like WTO.

we have examples of britan moving out of EU,China and Usa imposing tarrifs among others. these are among the major economies of world whose steps have left an eminent impact on the global trades and if a body like WTO fails to check these unhealthy trade practices, this culture of protectionism will increase and this will lead to distrust on world bodies like WTO.

So to avoid this, better trade policies are needed to be made that the mutual interest of countries get respected and issues get resolved on table & there is necessity to strenthen these organisations so that monopoly of any country couldn’t be able to affect world trade. so that seamless trade will contribute to world economy and overall development willl be achieved with fair trade.

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