Can you imagine that the country in which you live, can ever become a carbon neutral country or even there exists one in the world.

The major problem today we are facing is to control the carbon emissions and global warming. Yes, there is one country which is carbon neutral, infact it is a carbon negative country. It is a landlock and a sandwich between two large countries india and china, the country is termed as Bhutan, it is incredible to know that a small country whose entire GDP is less than 2 billion dollars has this and we, living in a country having GDP more than 2 billion dollars couldn’t be able to even reduce the carbon footprints. So we can learn a lot from this small country Bhutan.

This country provides free education, health care etc and so far they have managed to do this because they use their limited resources very carefully. The country is entirely dependent on the renewable source of energy to meet its energy requirements. According to the constitution of kingdom of Bhutan, “article 5 section 3, The government of Bhutan ensures that, in order to prevent the degradation of ecosystem and to conserve the natural resources, at least 60% land of Bhutan should be under forest region” but they managed to attain 72% of their land to be under forest cover, isn’t that appreciating to be aware of such achievement of Bhutan.

The entire country generates 2.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, while the forest absorbs 6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, so it is proudly a carbon negative country. The country promises to offset 17 million tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2020 by using renewable source of energy only. As we all know that the climate change is a reality and we need to face it.

The country is located in the Himalayas region and the glaciers of Himalian mountains are melting due to climate change and country is facing severe floods as a consequence of climatic changes and global warming. The country had done nothing in the name of global warming and infact promised to be a carbon neutral all time. They first made this decision of making country carbon neutral in 2009 during COP i.e. Climate change conference 15 in Copenhagen but no any other country heard them and were busy in arguing with one another and blaming others for climatic changes but again in COP 21 in Paris in 2015 they complied their promise of being a carbon neutral and this time they were heard.

The question arises how have they managed to do this???

Here are the ways,

They provide free electricity to people so that it reduces the use of firewood to cook their food and thus deforestation, investing in sustainable transportation and subsidizing the purchase of electric vehicles and led lights,

Government trying for paperless, cleaning country under national program like Clean Bhutan and planning trees under green bhutan, through a biological network they connect their forest region with one another. to protect their natural resources and forest areas, they run a program called Bhutan for live which manages the funding for the protection of their nature.

They refused to use Gross domestic product but instead using an index that measures the Gross national happiness. When a tiny country like Bhutan determined to be carbon neutral then why can’t we..?

Let us all join hands with Bhutan and promise to be a carbon neutral because

“Alone can make a change but together can change the world” and stop blaming each-other to save our mother nature.

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