We are not born with any skills and talent but We were born with capacity to love. A child doesn’t need to take lessons about love. Right from birth to death, all we do is strive for love. isn’t it odd..?

money can buy everything except pure emotions. No one knows address of the market where true emotions can be bought. Heart of a child is most pure thing on the planet. In childhood, without any reason we do love to the things, toys, people, parents without any calculation. As we grow old, we try to calculate every thing. How much we will get if we give something. All this kind of thoughts suck true relations.We change our perception towards every next thing. We eventually live and strive for things, life style and positions. It doesn’t mean that pure love does not exist at later age of life. Though it is rare, but it does exist.

True love happens. It does exist. Life isn’t certain but love is. We are humans. We are bound to feel things, thoughts, memories and souls.

Imagine if You were left with only one glass of water in the universe and you have choice either you drink and live or give it to your loved once to save their life. And you are ready to sacrifice that too for your loved ones. Then it is love. With all its emotions and imperfections true love does exist. It may be for your love with your parents, your siblings, your friends or your partner. But yes!! It does exist.

All you need is, open your eyes and look around. Stay alive. Live the life the way you want. Love every next thing you want. Always spread your arms and grab best things within. You have one life and one soul. Love your soul and let people touch your soul. It is rare.

But yes..Love can touch your soul, without a single touch.

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Mahima Jain

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