Love itself is a word that comes with many definitions as an individual. but sometimes it happens to be important to know the actual meaning of this particular word. For understanding this word, we have to be able to examine our relations, our surroundings and our nature etc. Love does not illustrate the exposure of Being together, although it gives you the lesson of how to be together despite not being physically together. love is beyond the temporary fights that take place between two loved ones.


Temporary fights are turned as salt and chilly in the food of love. Love is something that build and transform two into one. you don’t expect love in return of love. you just give & keep giving and your heart is always open to flow the ripples of emotions. this gives you energy to devote, sacrifice and understand the person you are falling for. it is alive beyond life and death. it does not bring you ego, it is as serene as the water of sea impinging to fresh stones. you don’t cry for your loved one, instead you set an example by getting their unfulfilled dreams and aspirations come true.

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Kapil Jain

Active Artists is an admiring platform for all the emerging writers who have a sense of care towards improving the society in a more better way!!

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