We all are very well familiar with the term Feminism but the question is do we understand it? Do we know what actually feminism is about or we are just having a misconception about it. So here are some of the prevailing misconceptions about feminism which are going to be busted:-

  • All feminists hate men: The most common myth about feminism, but the truth is totally different. Feminists don’t hate men. Feminism is about gender equality it’s not about comparing the two genders to put the other. It doesn’t encourages the feeling of hatred for the opposite sex. So, relating such harsh feelings like hate to feminism would be totally wrong.
  • Men can’t be feminist: As feminism is all about women empowerment so it is supposed that only women are allowed to be labeled as feminist but not men, which again is another big misconception about it. Anyone who believes in gender equality and supports this concept is a feminist. So labeling a particular gender for it won’t be a good idea.
  • Feminists are career-oriented women who do not support family lives: Now this again is the worst misconception that can be ever made. Feminism or being a feminist has nothing to do with your work or personal lives. It’s just a small effort of raising the issue about gender equality. You can be a feminist and at the same time you can be a loving wife as well, there’s no contradiction in it.

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  • This world comprises of both men and women and both are equally equipped with their unique abilities, comparing one with another would be an insult to our gifted abilities. We should accept this fact that both men and women together are responsible for making this world a better place, not only men or not only women alone can do this. So despite getting involved in the rat race of proving who is better than whom we should rather work as a team, encouraging each other and appreciating our achievements.

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