They are not just children,but are the best gift of god we are having!! Kids now a days are fortunate with internet and technicalities but still the values and morals they are blessed with. they are the most inspiring people we are having in this universe.

Have you ever been around kids when you are sad?? They have the power which is magical. they have the power to lift your mood. they have positive attitude towards life & when they sense negativity around them they try their best to cheer everyone up by making funny faces.

Have you seen the teenagers now a days? a small heartbreak and they will tell you to never trust anyone but kids now a days are brave enough to trust and learn the lessons of life. you can trust no one but the child around you. even if they will steal 2/- chocolate they will tell you the truth

It is said that god lives in the form of children on earth. No doubt,children have the ability to make us believe that though life is a beautiful lie. you can turn it out into a sweet truth by being honest.

Children don’t know what woman empowerment mean. but in china there was a survey going on and they found out that when they ask children to hit a girl they just said no without thinking.

It shows how kids now a days are growing with the moral equality in their heart. Children now a days are the most dedicated and determined people around world what they think and decide they make sure to make it real. they are the inspiring future of our country and all over the world.
They are the gift we are having which helps us believe, life also can be beautiful we just have to let the kid inside us come outside and let them express their feelings.
We are the youth of our country. but we are afraid that if we will remain what we were in childhood we will lose our importance and that is the reason we are getting depressed and Migraine day by day but kids are fearless. children have the courage to change the world with what they are having.
Now it’s our time to let the kid inside of us get some freedom so that we also can be fearless.

Snehal Mehta

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