Can you sacrifice your life just to save nature ? Here is a man who lost his entire life to prevent the Holy river Ganga from disruption and I am sure that he became a real life hero for us.
Born in a samll village Kandhla, Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh in 1932, Guru Das Agrawal completed his graduation in civil engineering from IIT ROORKEE and an environment engineer professor in the same institute, who began his career as a design engineer. later he obtained a PhD in environmental engineering from the University of California at Berkeley.

Guru Das Agrawal campaigned to save the sacred River Ganges, the natural mother of Indian culture and civilisation, by insisting on maintaining the uninterrupted flow of Bhagirathi River in its natural form between Gangotri to Uttarkashi.
In 2009 many hydro power plants were to be built on the river Bhagirathi due to which the flow of the river had to be diverted which interrupted the flow of river. His demands were simple not to interrupt the flow of river. So he fasted for more than 100 days and finally the government agreed to him and stopped the construction of dams.

Again in 2013, the river Ganga was being polluted by various human activities and industrialization along the bank of river Ganga. Untreated sewage water was directly disposed into holy river, waste thrown by humans etc polluted the holly river to large steps, the government of India took steps to prevent this through National Ganga River Basin Authority but this NGRBA organisation didn’t work properly and was inactive in its work to stop the pollution so to make this body work actively, he fasted for 101 days without even taking water. Due which three members of National Ganga River Basin Authority, Rajendra Singh, Ravi Chopra and Rashid Siddiqui resigned.

But finally in 2018 he wrote a letter to honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi to stop the environmental unfriendly projets to be constructed along the river. He reminded the prime minister that “It will be four years in May when the Central government will complete four years in office but nothing had been done so far for the cause of Ganga” and to hand over the Ganga proctions to Justice Giridhar malviy. in the letter he explained the cause of pollution of river Ganga with solutions to prevent it but didn’t receive any reply in return so he finally decided to fast until death on 22nd June 2018.

After 109 days of fast he decided to not to drink water. Finally on 11 October 2018 after 111 day of his fast he died which is very disappointing that to save Our Holly River he gave up his life and we all just kept on watching this without any action, on the other hand people fought for water.

Development of the country is necessary but environment is too important. In India people worship nature on other hand they destroy it for their needs. In our country, we believe that one who gives life is God and we worship river Ganga because it gives life to more than 500 million people directly and indirectly. the number is unknown and we are polluting it.

Government is making many effort to save it but those efforts are useless until we give our contribution to it and work along with the government to save our holy mother Ganga. Government had formed many organisations to save Ganga such as Ganga action plane, Namami ganga, failed and more than 20000 crore rupees were invested just to clean Ganga. It’s time to take action to save Holly river Ganga because it’s not too late before it converts to a drainage river unlike Holly river Yamuna.

“if you take care of nature, it will take care of you “.

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