Digitalisation has brought a new kind of revolution in today’s world. It has been affecting almost every aspect of our lives, our education system is among one of it. Digitalisation of education system has it’s own pros and cons but here we will present only it’s brighter side. So, these are some positive results or we can say the benefits of digitalising the education system that seems to be promising:-

Time saving: the foremost impact of digitalisation on education is it saves a huge amount of time. Starting from taking exams to it’s evaluation every task has made easy with this concept.

Tech-teaching: providing students with crisp details of the topic definitely makes them more interested in learning and exploring it.

Expanded knowledge: with digitalisation the arena of knowledgeable sources also got expanded. Students can look for their desired topic at various levels until they get satisfactory results. This also made learning easier.

Lesser burden: the concept of smart class has reduced the burden of school bags to a relieving extent as notebooks got replaced and students got exempted from those heavy loads.

These are only few of the advantages that counts in the digitalisation of education system there are much more in the list of it.

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