In today’s world you must have seen the increase in the number beauty Parlours and salons..have you ever wonder why they are increasing? instead of increasing the number of school of education today we are increasing the school of external beauty to stay fit or should i say to remain slim so that everyone can found you attractive enough to love you!!

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You must have heard about butterwort which is a carnivorous plan and eats insects for nutrition in your sixth standard book!!they look really beautiful from outside and attract the insects towards them and when they come closer to the plants they eat them!!in most of the cases in our daily life also you must have found those buttercups who behave sweetly and look beautiful or handsome but they also know how to hurt you badly.the only motive they have is to fulfill their wishes!!

Are you beautiful ?how do you know if you are/aren’t beautiful ??just because your skin is too dark or you have pimples or you are little too fat or little too slim or you have short height or you are too much tall, can you decide you are beautiful or not ?you know what ? i am fat,i am short,i have an intermediate skin colour and most importantly i am not that girl who men can dream for. i may be the most imperfect and ugly girl for others, but for me I am beautiful, I am perfect!! you know why??because i am confident and bold enough to accept my flaws and make myself glow with that flaws!!

You must have saw the people in your life who might have judge you from external beauty but don’t get affected because they are the only people who can only talk because they have nothing else to do in their life…always remember in imperfect there is one hidden i’m perfect!!

So never judge or let other judge by the external beauty because attraction might lead you to destruction of your life! and if you are depressed or feeling bad just because of your outer look, let me remind you barak obama must be black and not that good looking still he is famous for his work and the way he is!! money or beauty is not important but the way you show your self towards the world is!!

Repeat these lines always in your mind-i might be fat/thin,having pimple/skin disease,i might not looking so attractive as well. but you know what, I don’t care because i am bold and confident
I am smart enough to answer all your remarks and i am happy with the way i look
So don’t judge me because when i will judge you, you won’t be able to handle it either!!

It is not compulsory that , Every START should be START in the beginning Sometimes START requires STOP in the begging to change for the betterment of life

So let’s start with a stop. Stop judging and letting others judge you by the way you look,by your external beauty. Stop people from agitating you. be yourself and let the world see the real you that imperfect you
which is alive.

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