Inclusive growth is a broad spectrum in which growth, created is a result Of all stakeholder, no one is by behind and everyone enjoys their development since india is a diverse country, inclusive growth is a difficult thing to achieve and to access.

In this inclusive growth, first there is need to include all in the process of development and growth. inclusive growth is a comprehensive Development of all and government realised this as a major step in nation building hence adding it to 11th five year policies with time to come. inclusive development becomes center point of policies and with this in mind NITI aayog was formed. inclusive growth is one of its major goal.

There are some features making it an important factor in nation building:

  • Equality : Inclusive growth provides everyone equality
  • participation: Everyone gets a chance to contribute for development
  • Strengthen democratic values : As everyone is empowered with case value of equality self reliance.
  • Better society :inclusive growth provides better society with growth, happiness and participation

India is on its way to inclusive growth process as the government policies are centralised to include all in the growth marginal like women , children,poors schedule cast are now activity included in development process. government schemes like jan dhan yojna bringing financial inclusion for marginals.

Sarv- siksha abhiyan working to bring children & team of development by empowering their minds and schemes like ”MUDRA yojna” providing loans to the lower cast making their lives better and providing better opportunities but after all these tryouts to increase all of the society and thier marginals.

there are always some leftouts after all those political and economical system. there is a strict need to bring social reform so that social stigma can be broken and they feel psychologically and mentally empowered and then they can be pushed to betterment by our societies.

it is a due process but with national thinking and liberal activities Inclusive growth will be attained.
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