Yes! Nature is one of the biggest and most beautiful gift given to us by the almighty. When god created this nature he felt an urge to protect his beautiful creation, so he started created us, the humans whom he thought as the savior of his most valuable possession. After creating humans, he blessed us to live in this nature and to relish its beauty along with the responsibility of taking care of it as well.

But, unfortunately we humans seem to forget our responsibilities and instead of protecting nature, we started exploiting it for our greedy deeds and the result is something we all can see now. It’s high time we should retreat our steps back if we don’t want to regret later.

Nature is not a single entity’s responsibility, if every being out there is taking benefits then they should pay back the credits too.

So, here are some of the steps or you can say tips as how being a citizen we can protect our nature:-

  • Plant a tree: the most basic and simple step that requires no extra effort other than looking for a place for plantation. If each of us makes it a pledge to plant a tree on their birthdays (or any other significant day) then imagine the amount of greenery it will produce on this planet.
  • Stop or reduce the plastic usage: this being the major concern since years. If you couldn’t abandon plastic usage completely then try to lessen the use of poly bags. This may seem tough for a time being but if we practice this we will definitely get its good results.
  • Conserve energy: cut down your unnecessary and excessive energy usage. Control those dependence on energy consuming devices. Not only this, double check your rooms while moving out to ensure no electricity is being wasted.

If taken care properly, then simple steps like these will definitely make a difference and our nature will revive again with it’s full glory.

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