Child abuse, the word itself is enough to give chills to your spine, right? We can’t even imagine putting these two words together, then why such horrendous activities are still prevailing in our, as well as in other countries? A country’s future lies in its upcoming generation. but if, our children aren’t safe and secure in their own home, in their own country then how can we expect them to be brave enough to build a safe and secure future of the country. If we fail to protect them and their innocence then there’s no way, a country can thrive.

To stop this we first have to understand the depth of this problem. There are different ways a child faces abuse:

  1. Physical : this concludes all the violent actions taken against them like thrashing ,beating etc.
  2. Emotional : making them feel vulnerable and weak at mental level is also a kind of abuse.
  3. Sexual : the most heinous act one can do is to assault a child sexually.

These were some of the cases of abuse that were reported on behalf of our children.

Now comes the solution for it. Here are some of the steps that should be taken to protect our children’s tenderness to make them feel safe and secure:

  1. Give your time and attention: That’s the least and the most we can do for them. Negligence is the main issue why the cases of child abuse are increasing day by day. Spending time with our children not only makes them happy but also strengthens our bond that makes them comfortable with us to share all their secrets.
  2. Teach children their rights: Keeping only ourselves aware and alert is not going to help unless and until our children get to know about their rights and duties. It’s equally important and necessary to give them and make them understand the moral lessons.
  3. Know what abuse is: One can only fight with a problem when they are aware of its existence. If we or our children aren’t aware about what abuse actually means? We can not abolish it. So keeping ourselves and our children, in check with these kind of activities is also necessary.

These are the small initiatives that must be taken if we really want to abolish the heart wrenching activities that not only destroy our children’s future but also make them lose all their innocence. It makes them lose their self-confidence, a sense of safety that is enough to make their childhood gloomy.

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