Ever wondered, how you can attempt to be happy with proper and healthy fitness? Can you imagine, an uninformative knowledge may be equally dangerous for your life and health if you tend lose a bit focus from knowing true and suitable information.
Do you wish to feel energetic and fit? Do you carry unnecessary fat in your body and face some health problems? Then this blog will deal with solution of all those troubles that bother you in terms of health..
You are required to understand the fact your Basal Metabolism Rate defines whether you are actually carrying excess fat or not. You need to keep a check on your Basal metabolism rate. This rate is different for all human bodies. You can calculate this factor by getting aware of 3 things, i.e. your age, Height and weight etc.When you find your BMR, just lower 500-800 calories if you carry excess fat percentage.

There are three points for you to know what it takes to lower your fat percentage as per your required metabolism:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Rest
  1. Diet:

you need to make sure that you strictly follow this diet as this data is availed as per appropriate research. If your body fat percentage is more that 12-13%, you really need to make efforts for fat reduction. For this, it is important to take proteins and lose carbohydrates. Carbohydrates can be breads, rice, potato, sweet potato, chocolates. You may take vegetables in form of salad as vegetables do not carry carbohydrates but have vitamins which may act as a tool to keep you energetic entire day.

There are two classifications of taking proteins:

  • For vegetarian:

In order to take proteins, begin your diet with taking cottage cheese as per your requirement. Apart from this you also need to take 50gm soybeans per day. Soybeans should be taken in moderate limit as excess soybean brings and develops man boobs. But in case of females its meal is not restricted, they can take it as per their wish. If you feel lesser energy on all these meals, try taking bananas too as bananas avail instant energy. Remember, the meals you take should be consumed 4 times in a day.

[Note: soybeans in excess amount may affect your sexual will this is the reason, it is recommended to take 50 gm soybeans only ]

  • For Non Vegetarian:

In order to take proteins, start your diet with 2 eggs along with milk in the morning. In after noon, you should take chicken with 3 eggs and apart from these take vegetables too. In the evening take black tea and 2 eggs again. At the time of dinner, take fish, 3 eggs and some pulses as well. This diet should be chased necessarily if you genuinely need to keep your metabolism active.

Part 2 is being continued in the next blog.

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