Hi! my name is meera (fictitious) and i am 13 year old. my mom is no more in this world and so i live in Lucknow with my step mother and my real father who mostly comes home after getting drunk! i used to go to school till i was in 5th standard but now i don’t go to school anymore!

After my mother’s death, my dad got married to a woman named sunita. she is not good. she hits me sometimes and even complain about my behavior to my dad and tell him all the lies just to get me punished. so i ran away from my family and now i am in mumbai but may be, fate had other plans. because now i am stuck in other problems.

I came and joined a work as a servent in a restaurant. mistakenly a cup fell from my hand and suddenly mrs kudawala hit me. now i am scared of her too.

Everyday i wake up with the fear that someone will hit me or use me for their means. I am scared to live.

There are thousands of meera around us.
It is time for us to be aware of this thing too which is just a topic for some people but for the children like meera, it is worth elaborating.
Whenever the words like delicate smile,soft skin,beautiful nature,innocent face and mischievous eyes come in my mind, only one image gets created in my conscience, that is a face of a child!!

As we all know children are most innocent and trust worthy people in this world with the smartness of 55 year old person and the love they have in their heart is unconditional for their family and friends!but this innocence is in danger in some parts of rural India and not only in india but in the whole world.

there are some countries like india where there is a law that getting children worked under the age of 14 is a criminal offence but still in some parts, you must have seen children working in a factory or in the restaurant as a servant due to poverty.

At the age, where they are supposed to get education they start work for getting money. and the most crucial part is they get hitten when they don’t work properly and the owners don’t even pay their salary. it is our duty to take care of our children and the one which are in our neighborhood.
They are gifted by god and are supposed to grow like a flower. but once the flower stops growing they will be dead. the children like meera are just a walking dead bodies which needs one ray of hope that one silver line in their cloud to be alive again.

Just find them. give them their hope. help them. stop punishing them or pushing them away. they need you. be with them.

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