As technologies grow, so do their challenges. In an era of information, social media is one such thing. It has made content creator in bulk from content consumer. Gone are those days when print & electronic media were platform of information sharing. They have monopolies over information. People themselves are creator and distributor of their thoughts, information and opinions.

Social media is a strong platform thought sharing. It has created and propogated the culture of debate among people which helped democracy to strenthen its base. It helped in increasing transparency in government functioning. It helped amplify voices of those who were oppressed and suppressed. Social media became a beacon of mass awareness and participant in process of nation building by sharing their opinion and choices over policies. All these things made social media amazing and great technology that helped maximize utilisation and scope of government machines, policies and interactive governance but on the other hand people with extremist thoughts, antisocial elements, fake news generators use their platform for their own propoganda.

Fake news spread in abundance and create chaos, people are manipulated with misinformation and this can be major threat in nation security. Encrypted messaging services are used by terrorist group to communicate safely and creating chaos.

Incidents of stone pelting are guided through WhatsApp groups. Security agencies are yet to find a way through. At intermediate level, election process are also diluted with propoganda.
Government has taken steps to manage the medium by talking to data giants like Google, facebook. States like maharashtra has come forward with their own centres to curb fake news.

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