Have you ever imagined, in a race to chase happiness , how wrong we have gone towards this god gifted nature and environment ?

It is true that bursting crackers is a way to celebrate the coming of lord Ram. But this way of welcoming God has been misinterpreted now a days. Because even god wouldn’t have gone glad and delighted when they will get to know that fire crackers act as a medium to destroy and disrupt our nature.

people are changing their preference as Diwali is meant to bring happiness for all citizens and environment but as of now priorities have changed . People changed their way to look things else this much of alteration in environment would not have taken place. Intellectuals just go with the flow instead of looking at the main matter. They have sense of advise towards their children to make them understand the importance of eco friendly Diwali. But they don’t give it a damn which is major flaw in some elders. Because elders allow their kids to act on such adventures.

Not to burn crackers is under control of every human being. It is so easy to understand responsibility as an individual.

Be it 1% too. In Whatsoever way , crackers act as a medium to contribute in pollution. We are required to stand for the verdict of supreme court. not even for 2 hrs, rather it is supposed to be completely banned. Because there are other ways to celebrate happiness. Devotees should worship goddess laxmi , eat and distribute sweets , clean their house, light the lamps and purchase good clothes and yes, mature people perform these activities.

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Kapil Jain

Active Artists is an admiring platform for all the emerging writers who have a sense of care towards improving the society in a more better way!!

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