Woman– God’s most beautiful creation (of course after this nature) . a woman or a girl plays many roles during her entire life which are totally different from each other and demands different responsibilities as well. But the question is, are we getting forgetful about what’s our true essence and value in this modern era?

Are we still aware of our god-gifted abilities or the modern day’s rat race has captivated our minds and hearts in such a way that we forgot who we are?

In today’s modern era both men and women are given equal rights and opportunities in the fields of gaining knowledge, bagging a good job and taking their own decisions which wasn’t the case earlier where women and girls were deprived of these basic rights, which in turn has affected the status of women in our society.

Now, they are valued more and their splendid achievements in the various work field is being acknowledged with utmost respect. But, it seems like with the passing time, it has started affecting adversely to the society, as every situation has its own pros and cons. We might have excelled in all the fields today but our own value, that natural essence and talent of being a woman is getting lost amidst all this.

Women are considered as the natural managers because of their peculiar art of handling one of the most difficult task that is running home errands that too so efficiently. It is rightly said that a man can build a home but it takes a woman to run a home. But in proving themselves more efficient than man, in proving their worth they forgot their values.

The society is now running on the wrong path because the building blocks of this society i.e the women, are lost in this chaotic world. We are so indulged in this competition that we overlooked our talent, what we possess.

Knowing self worth is good, but at the stake of one’s individuality? Likewise up-gradation is important but not at the cost of losing the originality.
Women were, are and will always remain the building blocks, the much needed support of this society. It takes both some bricks and cement to construct a building, none can alone do the task of both. If men are the bricks then it’s the women who work as cement and keeps the bond intact. Our worth and capabilities can not be proved by accomplishing those tasks that are already being done or can be done by others. We already have that incomparable talent that exclusively belongs to us and we need to take care of this, if we want our forthcoming generation to value us for our idiosyncratic deeds.

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