We often relate hard work with putting in huge efforts and smart work with using our intelligence to perform a work. But in simple terms as i understand it, sometimes hard work is using your physical strength for normal routine work while smart work is just using brain & intelligence to make difficult things more simpler.

Some people say that working hard is the only way to be successful in life. It is true to a certain extent but smartness combined with hardwork is the formula for always being on the top, irrespective of whichever field you are in. Sometimes only hardwork is not enough in life & same applies for smart work.

Earlier farmers used to do a lot of hard work. They plough the field, sow the seeds and after a very long process, the crops get ready. This is their hard work but now a days due to technological advances, their work is reduced & also can be said that they are moving towards smart work & This is the main thing that we need to inculcate i.e. whichever work we do, we should always learn to change or perhaps accept the technological changes.

One more example we can see is that for getting information or obtaining information, people had to get access to many books and stories but in todays era this can be done just by a single click( using mobile phones). Convening messages have become easier through the means of smart devices or mobiles. But for converting this hard work in smart work, people first need to accept the changes in the technological sector or as i would like to call it the smart sector.

When the colours of hard work & smart work combine then only we can get the rainbow of success in our lives and can lead a happy and healthy life.
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Rishit Parekh

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