“Persistence and perseverance is the only key to success”- Tina Dabi, IAS Topper 2015. We all are familiar with this name. So this is what she said in one of her latest interview. Now, how does that relate to hard work or smart work?

It does, in all right ways possible. Being persistent about your goal shows the extent of your determination that comes from hard work and being ready to do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal is the sign of your smartness. So here you see success is the combined result of hard work that’s being done smartly.

We have a popular saying in this context of hard work vs smart work and that is ‘ a bull works very hard but gets nothing in return, so don’t be a bull, work smart’ that’s because the bull doesn’t have the smartness of using it’s brain and that’s what creates all the difference here.

Unlike other animals we, humans have this ability to use our brain accordingly that’s what true smartness is about. It is rightly said that ‘ hard work won’t bring you good luck but it will put you to the place where good luck can find you’.

Warren buffet, the name needs no introduction. The one who is considered as the 3rd most wealthiest man, a great investor as well. He started his journey towards this success at a very young age of 19 and now it is the result of his hard work we all can see.
Suppose, by using your smartness you managed to gather all those resources which are pre-requisite for your goal but you are not persistent enough to use those resources now can you expect the success in return just because you were smart enough? This goes the other way around too, if you are persistent about accomplishing your goal but you don’t know the smart tact. In both these situations we won’t be able to get the expected results. We can get the fruits earlier than expected from a plant by using the smart technologies prevailing these days, but it still needs our regular care and protection to the plant for it’s growth. Without sowing the seed you can not expect to reap the fruit. Working hard is something that keeps you going towards your set goals and working smart is what provides you the idea about how to keep going, that much needed approach towards your goal. Both are equally important and necessary to get what we aspire for.

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