Lifestyles: Rich & Poor, Ever wondered, why some people have abundance of wealth while some remain in typical hand-to-mouth situation? What distinguishes a rich from a poor? Answer to these questions is simple and that is our habits.

Yes! it’s our habits that defines who we are. Habits are simply the reflections of our mindsets that we develop or acquire in our lifespan. You must have heard or read somewhere ‘ that we can not change our past or future, but we can always change our habits that’s definitely going to impact our future.’

So, now you know being rich and poor is not about whom you are born to, but who you sought to be. Here are some tips that can help you to redefine your habits and transform your mindset to attract that abundance of wealth in your life too:-

1. Don’t sell your time :- It is the very first difference that separates a rich from a poor. The rich category people don’t sell their time, instead they leverage it to achieve their objectives. They use other people’s time to get things done. They don’t give their 100% effort to that one goal but takes 1% effort of 100 people to achieve it.

2. Don’t ‘just’ save your money :- The another big difference is poor people or people with poor mindset have this tendency of saving their money, their income for their old age requirements. They compromise with their present day needs just to have a safe and secure life after their retirement whereas the rich one invest their money to get beneficial outcomes. So instead of just focusing on savings, try to invest in some realistic properties and use share markets sensibly as Many rich people love taking risk with proper planning.

2. Work on your skills :- The other distinguishing feature among these two categories is their skills. The rich one goes on improvising their skills and learning new skills to be availed high income whereas the poor ones have no idea about this scenario. Always try to learn a new skill that can provide you with some alternative source of income. don’t depend on that one income only.

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