Yes! You read that right. Kanpur is my city (hum kanpuriya hai), famous for many reasons still it’s one of the underrated cities. The city is situated on the banks of holy river Ganga and has it’s own historic importance. The famous revolt of freedom in 1857 gained momentum from this city only when Nana Sahib announced the freedom from the rule of britishers on 7th of june 1857. It became the epicenter of the outbreak of 1857 when three most tragic events of freedom struggle happened here, namely- ‘ the wheeler’s entrenchment’, ‘ the massacre at sati chaura ghat’ and ‘the bibighar massacre’.

Kanpur- the leather city, was named as ‘kanhpur’ in the earlier times that came from one of its ruler Raja kanh deo who also established it. Later on it was renamed again and again till it got its present name. It’s also believed that it got its name from the stouthearted fighter of Mahabharata karn, and called as karnpur, that got modified again. Apart from numerous tales related to its name, it is also known for many more things. So, here is the list that depicts some of its notable arenas:-
Leather production- It is considered as the hub of leather production as huge chunk of leather is produced from the tenaries situated here.

1) Green park stadium- one of the famed place of the city where many national and international matches are held till now.

2)Blue world theme park- the recent piece of amusement that draws attention of every individual whether they are the localite or tourists.

3)Allen forest zoo- the kanpur zoo, founded in 1971, during the british reign. The zoo is home to many animals like white asian tigers, leopards, baboons and orangutans including many more.

4)Shri Radha Krishna temple- the famous J.K. temple dedicated to lord Krishna. It is constructed from carved white marbles that reflects the perfect example of neo-hindu architecture.

5)Moti jheel- moti jheel lake is situated in the benajhabar area of kanpur. It’s the famous attraction for family picnics because of adjoining gardens and children’s park.

6)Nana Rao park- the park the center of revolution of 1857 which served as the execution site of 144 indian revolutionaries. It is situated in the heart of the city

7)Thagoo ke laddu- when it comes to devouring yourself with some sweet delicacies no one can beat this place. These famous laddus are extremely delicious and worth tasting.

8)Z square mall- the huge illustrious building situated in the middle, comes under the top 10 best malls of india.

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  1. Divyanshu

    That’s awesome info buddy but I know all these place cause I used to live there 😄😄😄😄😄 except the mall….cause it’s been a long time…..but moreover Kanpur is a beautiful city just underated so no one cares about it which very sad…..and samose man…one of the best in the whole world……..

    1. Vidushi Singh

      Yep that’s true n thanks btw 😊😊

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