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Ever got confused what softwares to install after buying a new Windows PC or formatted your old PC because it was lagging too much ??? with Download Link

FOA, let me clear a myth that only Desktop computers are called PCs, No! every type of computer which is used for personal use is called personal computer(Even your laptop is a PC).
Awww, It’s fine, thank me later, Not now 🙂

Here is a list of some softwares that, I think, should be installed in a new Windows pc .So, let’s start –

1. WPS Office
Most of us use Microsoft Windows Office Suite but one thing we all know that we are never going to buy it and we are using a pirated version of this software(most of us must have wasted hours of their lives in search of cracks and serial key of MS-Office ) and other issues is that sometimes it takes forever to load a document and lags while opening. The software size is 700 MB+ which is huge.
Now let’s talk about our simple
but a quite efficient guy   WPS office                                                           
Features – Size- 80 MB;
opens documents instantly; 
High Compatibility Etc.
It Has almost every feature MS-Office have. Best Alternative of MS-Office & Even more efficient for you, if you have a low-end pc. Download link – 

Download WPS Office Free -

2. CCleaner – 
As we browse internet or use our pc, various chunks of temporary data aka cache gets stored in our system. And we don’t want to fill up important space of our pc with useless data. We can use CCleaner to remove and free up our storage from such kind of data and It has many others features like startup-app control. I recommend it.
Download Link – CCleaner Download

Download CCleaner 5.36.6278 -

3. IDM – Internet Download Manager – 
Have you ever faced a condition where your 1 GB file’s download got failed just before a moment it was about to complete? If yes, then you know it hurts so bad(even more than a heartbreak).
Most of us usea Chrome or Firefox to download files but lemme tell you, that’s, most monotonous and annoying way to do it.
Reasons – 1. lack of control Over Downloading
2. No Proper Resume-Support
3.Absent Updation of Download Link
4. No Info about Download
5. No Queuing system
6. UI Issues & No Support for failed downloads.
Solution – IDM Download
I can assure you will get better downloading speed than firefox or chrome.

Download Internet Download Manager (IDM) 6.17 Build 8 ...

4. Winrar – 
I think if you do a lot of downloading then you will come across compressed files regularly and decompressing them is a real task for some users. I think this is must have software for every computer because it provides various methods to compress and decompress files.
Download Link – Download Winrar

Download Free WinRAR 64-bit, WinRAR 64-bit 4.11 Download

5. Notepad++ 
Y’all must know about basic and old notepad in computers, it’s an advancement in it, Although it’s not from Microsoft But still i would recommend you to have this small kid in your computer. Well, it can open any kind of editable file, even you can compile and run HTML programs etc.
It have User defined Syntax Highlighting and Syntax Folding. It’s GUI is entirely customizable and Auto-Completion is one of the best feature. If you use notepad regularly then believe me you will definitely gonna love it.
Download Link – Download Notepad++

File:Notepad plus plus.png - Wikimedia Commons

6.  VLC Media Player 
I think it’s the most basic application a Windows user can have. But still, some users use the built-in player. Let me tell you VLC is able to support play multimedia files of any extension. You can also add subtitles here and set them accordingly.
Download Link – VLC Download

Free Multimedia Players - SnapFiles

That’s it for today guys.
In Upcoming Blogs, We’ll talk more about various software and solutions.
Comment here if you any query/idea/feedback. THANKS

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