Dear society,
I Am sorry I failed. Failed again but this time majorly. Sorry for not being good enough to keep up to your all set standards. I am sorry for being an average pupil, having dreams more significant than their list of achievements. Sorry for being a dreamer. I failed you, I failed my family. I Am nothing but a disgrace to them, a shame, a burden, a liability shoved over them. They lost their trust in me, I shattered their hopes and dreams. But, now I realized the truth, my truth that I don’t belong here. I Am not fit for this life, I am not fit for this place, for this world which is only for winners and I being a loser I stand out. So am giving up. Yes! Am giving up on all my futile attempts of trying to fit in. Because no matter how hard I try you won’t accept me with my caliber, my worth that is worthless for you. I failed my life but I won’t fail my death.
Ignominiously yours.
A loser.

Shocked? Traumatized? Or offended?

(What’s your reaction to this?) well, don’t be, because this is the truth of almost 8 out of 10 people in today’s world. The sole reason behind this is a giant monster who has started to grow enormously and is now spreading its wings all over the globe. Want to know who this monster is? It’s Depression, the most dangerous and lethal one. It feeds on our fears and insecurities, the more it gets them, the more powerful it becomes and weakens our strength, hope, and self-confidence. Slowly and steadily it consumes all our sensibility whose repercussions are fatal. so what should be done now to stop this monster before it engulfs half of the world in its darkness? How to protect ourselves and our beloved ones from its wickedness? Here are some warning signs that shouldn’t be ignored as this reflect the symptoms of depression:-

Trouble sleeping-

people with depression are unable to sleep they lie awake at night. On the other hand, some depressed people may find it difficult to get out of bed and may sleep for more extended periods during the day so that is an irregular sleep pattern, that is to be checked.

Change in appetite-

some people over-eat when they’re depressed or anxious, but in people with severe depression, the opposite is true. Depressed people stop eating.

Increase in energy

ironically when depressed people have decided to do something drastic, such as killing themselves, they may go from lackadaisical and slowed to more energetic, which shouldn’t be overlooked.


in some people, depression manifests as more irritability and impatience.
What to do if you find these signs in your friend or someone close to you? Here are some steps that might guide you in a situation like this:-
Assess the severity- immediate treatment is critical. Go to your local or nearest mental health provider.
Create a safe environment- if a person expresses suicidal thoughts, remove any potentially lethal items near him/her.
See a mental health professional- it doesn’t have to be a psychiatrist always, it can be a psychologist or therapist.
Be kind- blaming or chastising depressed one for feeling low is not helpful and typically serves to reinforce negative feelings they already have. Instead, open the discussion in a nonjudgmental way and encourage him/her to seek help.

Other than these things which we should do is to be alert to our surroundings, because there may be someone who needs our help but is reluctant to do so. Depressed people are not a stigma to our society they just need some extra care and attention to defeat this monster and with our attentiveness, love and care many lives can be saved. So be attentive and be safe.

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