Lifestyle Lifestyle – All the people are made the same. All have been gifted with their special kind of abilities and, of course with the will power to become rich. But we see that only a few percentage of people are rich Or else in other words as we call them, the rich class. If all are same then what is the difference that makes them rich ! The basic answer to this is the difference in their thinking.

Thinking of a person is the thing that makes him either rich or poor. For example, a rich person will not panic in difficult situations and will try to bring solutions to his problems, while this is not the case of poor people. They get very hyper and confused under challenging times and are always seen complaining about their destiny.

The best example of this is the king of romance himself, Shah Rukh Khan. He is a self-made man as he is not from a well to do background or from any filmy background. Neither did he have much money when he came to Mumbai, but one thing which he had was self-belief and his thinking to be different from everyone. This is the only reason he is at such great heights today (also his hard work).

There are many more such examples like Dhirubhai Ambani who once used to work on petrol pump station, another one being the owner of a big chain store; KFC, etc. Another difference between the rich & the poor people is that rich ones are the risk takers. They take risks without thinking much about the results and even if they do not succeed or incur a loss, they take the positive signs out of it. Poor people are always worried about their investment and its result. Hence they are not ready to take risks. But if you want to be rich then you have to take risks, as it is rightly said, ” Fortune favors the brave “. Another thing that the rich people do or I can say their specialty is that they are time multipliers. They appoint other people below them who work for them. Example, we usually all have 24 hours in a day. We cannot work more than that in a day. So if work takes 30 hours to be completed then it will cost more than a day that too without a day. But if you hire 2 people below you that the work would be completed within a day & wouldn’t have to work 24 hours. But poor people do not understand this and keep working for others all of their lives.

These all are the factors that create a difference between the wealthy class and the poor class. If poor change their thinking & multiple their hours with not much but a little risk then the day will be soon when they will also be able to change their status changing from poor to rich.

So it is rightly said, ” If you are born poor then it’s not your fault, but if you die poor then definitely you are to be blamed.
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Rishit Parekh

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