The most basic and foremost need of every individual. It shapes the future of a country. As it transforms the mind of the children so we don’t need any arguments or facts to prove it’s importance and relevance for the children, but the question is what type of education is right for them? And are we feeding their growing minds with what it really needs or just clogging it with some bookish stuff?
A good education system is the one that makes students better. A good education is something that could increase a child’s creativity and help them enjoy studying. Not only this, a good education helps them socialize or communicate with others. But with the prevailing trend of education in our country, all these qualities seem to be fading away. The fun and enjoyment part of the education has evaded with the growing time. Now it’s only stress and pressure that resides here. There’s no denying the fact that in order to shape a better future of a child, he/she must have discipline in their life but it’s equally important to maintain a clear distinction between discipline and being strict that ultimately leads to stress and pressure. So here are a few points that suggest what reforms are to be made in the ongoing trend of education:

Drawback –

Grades Driven –
the highest disadvantage of our education system is that it has become grades driven that is, it totally depends on the grades scored by a student that again demolishes the practical aspect. We do not want to convert our students into robots so it becomes essential to keep a check on the dependency of grades.

Suggested Solutions –

Target on practicality-
the teachings should be made more practical. There should be more focus on practical knowledge rather than theories.

Creativity enhancement-
the educational programs should focus on how to develop and enhance the creative skills in the pupil. It will make them more versatile in nature.

Introduction of the real world –
because of the high-grade competition, there are numerous students who aren’t aware of their surroundings. Our aim is to develop the mind of students not to transform them into a book-worm so there should be equal emphasis on exposures of real life and current affairs.

Failure management-
this is the most essential and necessary step and we must take care of it. Failures don’t define our capabilities. So there should be special sessions held on how to deal with the failures.

With keeping these things in our mind if we reform our education system then there is really good hope for future generations.

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