Different yet similar!
Confused? Well don’t be. You read that right. Wondering, how can that be possible? Today we’ll show you how. But before that let’s discuss something about uniqueness? What makes a human different from others? What sets you apart from this crowd? Your identity, right? But what will happen if you are not allowed to embrace your true identity? What if others decide to abandon you because of who you are? What if, you are being treated and looked as, unacceptable to this society? and all of this just because of your identity. How will that make you feel? A part of our society is having the same feeling. Some might have already guessed about it and for those who can’t, we’re talking about the LGBT Community. The most disputed, argued and conflicted part of the society. For some they are just a debatable topic while some consider them as debacle but we often forget that beyond all this they are just petty humans like us. Just like us, they are for real, in flesh and bones, they too have a heart just like us and they too feel hurt just like us. They are different because of their identity, but despite it, they are similar to us in all other aspects.

What this community is about?
The LGBT or GLBT community is a loosely defined grouping of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, united by a common culture. These communities generally celebrate pride, diversity, individuality and sexuality. This can be the brief introduction about this community. Now, the major issue lies with the problems faced by the community. Some of these can be explained as-

Coming out:- the foremost ordeal is about expressing who you are after your own acceptance, which generally comes as a shock of the decade to the family and society and a trauma to the individual after their reactions. Some even get abandoned because of this while some never gather up that courage to express it due to the fear of indifferent attitude towards them.

Stigma to society:- the biggest problem is they are being labeled as stigma to this society as soon as they come out. How can one embracing their true identity can be embarrassing for the rest of the world?

Sexual assault:- victims of same sex sexual assault are invisible to the society dealing with two defined gender cases. But it’s essential and necessary to know that same-sex assault is a reality.

Health issues are ignored:- homosexuality leads to a whole host of different health problems that don’t get talked about. That is another big problem to deal with.
This is a small part of baffling situations which the people belonging to LGBT community have to face each day. But they can be put at ease if we treat them with same respect and dignity that we have for ourselves because, yes! They are different but yet they are similar to us.

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