I am his robot or servant, I can’t decide what term will suit but definitely can’t be called his wife.
How a about you decide when you learn the story.

Let me share this story of a girl who was taught that one beautiful day her perfect man will take her forever and keep her happy.
But No one really knows their fate, this is what I keep telling to console myself.

I have been married to a monster and this started right from my first night with him when he came drunk and started ripping my clothes off and when I showed resistance he pulled my hair & slapped me hard.
Since that day my routine is fixed, he comes from office, forces himself on me and I dare not say no.

Let me share, one of the most horrible incidents of my life. It was his birthday and I had prepared lavish dinner and secretly called his friends and family. It was a surprise so when he came, he was shocked and he seemed to like it. I was so happy that finally he will try to understand me, respect me and if nothing he would be gentle that night at least.
But to my horror he pretended to like all this time after seeing off the guests, he took his belt out and lashed me.

I couldn’t even ask what went wrong he was so angry. He pushed the cake knife inside me and was laughing when I was begging him to stop. He tortured till he saw me bleeding and felt contented. My in laws didn’t call doctor or ambulance maybe because this could have been a serious domestic violence case. They just told me to rest for few days.

This incident had scarred me for life, I called my parents to take me back instead my mom told me to preserve my marriage since Divorce is not a good option. Divorcees are not treated with respect in society contradicting to all the immense respect I was offered here.

In a society where woman’s consent doesn’t matter her self respect means zero to anyone, naming our space missions as MOM just makes me laugh at how rubbish this society is. At one level we keep worshipping female Gods and at night we rip them off their dignity and crush them if they try to stand for their self respect.

I refuse to call Marriage as sacred bond anymore instead I believe it as certified license granted by society to men for raping the slave whenever, wherever and however they like. And all these by the same person who took vows to protect me and my dignity.
If I complain, I get advised to see doctor questioned on my hormones and all this while not acknowledging the crime done by (rapist) husbands

In the end, I just know women are just scapegoats being blamed for all the wrongs and still expected to give sacrifices, after all it our sole duty to protect it and don’t ask me why.. because I don’t have an answer to it.

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Nupur Thakur

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6 Thoughts to “Why woman’s No still means yes.”

  1. It’s truly shocking the way we treat our women… we have forgotten that it is only when we respect a women, will the Gods be pleased with us…

    1. nupurthakur7

      Yes sir. We need to respect every individuals. Thank you so much for words.

  2. Sunayana Jain

    Good one.it is heart touching and reality of some women’s who are still facing or bearing that male dominating atmosphere in their life that allow to breathe woman by their own will . But now time to ring alarm.

    1. nupurthakur7

      Yes if women stand for themselves. Thank you for your words.

  3. Deepak jain


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