For the freedom that I crave
for the liberty that I want to taste,
Set me free
just like those round words
inked over the blank pages
known as the free verse,
glittering with secrets
that they keep.
Set me free
just like the fading echoes
and let me reach my folded wings
decaying in the course of time,
burried under the bleeding ground.
Set me free
just like the fainting breaths
dancing over the horizon
and let me run into the allies
in search of self,
to plant new seeds in the soil,
eroded by the storm last night.
Set me free
to drift away with the wind
into the reality of nothingness
and let me find out
the meaning of something,
many things
that are squeezing slowly and slowly
from the fissures of
my end dreams.
Set me free
into the fallen droplets of nectar
of my blooming flowers
and let me shield
the sweet aromas of their beauty
for enveloping the sphere
from the wraths of
dying full moon.
Set me free…

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