What are you are becoming?You know what you want to become right? But are you really becoming what you want to be? Do you know what you really want to become? This kind of questions to yourself will really make you realize where you stand, where you’re you going and where you really want to go.

In the era of smartphones how many number do you remember? Do you find yourself passionate your purpose, as I believe we come with purpose, purpose doesn’t mean being a millionaire or being the next superstar but purpose that makes a change in someone’s life, change in the society, a mind-set that bring an idea or a thought that is capable of changing the world, it doesn’t matter at what scale, change can be as small as a school you build in your society or a student you inspire in a train.

After achieving that purpose what you become is the real you, after achieving and realizing your purposes in this world, in your life is when you become your true-self. As the world is growing everything that we had as our pride is fading day by day our surroundings are getting diverted, a kid who is capable of doing incredible things and possesses a talent of achieving them is somewhere puzzled in the competition of the world and confuses of the society which are not even have to be a part of his life, the things a person can learn from the humanity is somewhere vanished in the Google search and the fake quotes he reads.

All I want to say is if you got a chance and meet someone who is in this dilemma, serve a purpose, it may not work, I can’t promise but humanity won’t live long and it won’t grow if you don’t!

I think everyone should be aware that how grateful we are to do something that can make an impact on the upcoming generations, yes we talk about having a great society, yes we do but think of really having a society which really thinks for growth.Technology can be a creator at large extent, I believe it is a creator but it has also destroyed lives, everyone is perfect but we all are somewhere stuck in finding are answers for the questions what we want to become rather than knowing what we are really becoming, we are what we do not what we think but thinking is the ancestor of action.

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Pooja Mangal

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  1. Know thyself! Is the clarion call of our seers and canons of Dharma… Very Beautifully written and apt usage of words… keep it up

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