“Starry heavens of childhood, gone”
Sitting on the beach, lost in my own musings of your thoughts,
It was going to be just another love poem
But the shoreless sea caught my glaze, so here I am.
The snowcaps melting, the icebergs floating
like wounded shoulders in the battlefield of warming seas.

The starless skies ruin the starry heavens of our childhood lullabies.
The pure water that once it was, is now dark and sticky.
Tons and tons of oil making it all mussy.
More oil than water clogging the gills of fish
The wings of birds covered with mousse, making flying only a wish.
The forest cover slowly decreasing
The global temperature drastically increasing..
The trees being chopped down for our needs.
No one bothers to plant more seed
Is this all we call good deeds?
Flaunting the tables carved in ebony,
Not seeing the trees cry in agony,
Charred pieces of glass,
Wadded up paper thrown on the grass
That once was green
But is this the future we were destined to have seen?

We know the cause, we know the cure
This is the nature we need to adore
Make the changes in the lives we live,
Care and importance to our Earth we need to give.

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Tanya Sonker

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One Thought to ““Starry heavens of childhood, gone””

  1. Beautifully written… need of the hour…

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