Wordless… Speechless…Helpless… Cannot do anything except venting out my anger! Foremost my heart goes out to the kids and wives and the families of the Soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

A dastardly act…A cowardice…

A bastard terrorist rams a vehicle into a truck full of CRPF personnel and kills them instantly. In a few minutes, a video comes out where that bastard justifies his action. And our media, the filthy and slavish mentality media, the anti-India media starts playing it over and over again as if they have been paid to play it. And we all, who have been celebrating Valentine Day, jump on the bandwagon and start hurling abuse against the ever impertinent neighbour, the terrorists it harbours and slowly it moves towards our own people and Government. We too became slaves of this atmosphere being created by them. And start ranting.

We all start suggesting towards what can be done as we are a participative democracy. But in the end a few of us will donate a few thousand or lacs in some account or write against this act, like I am doing. After 3 days, from Monday onwards, we will be back to our routine and forget about our Jawans, our country, our duty towards them. And wait for another Pulwama to happen and vent out.

This has been happening from 12/03/1993 when a Don gathered the guts to bomb Mumbai and brought it to a standstill. Still remember those days, when I lost my best friend in those blasts. Later many such attacks took place. The pinnacle was when Mumbai was attacked again by 10-12 terrorists on 26/11, when we saw the youth coming on the streets to protest and support the army.


The surgical strikes lifted our Josh and we all were under an impression that now our neighbour has learnt it’s lesson. But this incident has proved us wrong. Let us all understand, one cannot stop the fidayeen, we cannot stop them from attacking, we cannot minimise the damage they will cause. They have been prepared and intoxicated for their inhumanely act. We need to prepare ourselves for many such acts which might even happen in the future.

But what about the soldiers who have given up their lives for their country, for us? What about their families? What about their kids? What about their old parents? What about emotional stress they all go through? We all will donate and we should, so that their financial side is strong. But what about their emotional needs? Will no one from us ever visit such a family just to give them warmth. The much needed ear to listen to them. The much needed affection, an affection for the cause for which they gave up their lives.

I too always think that I as a teacher prepare students for their future lives and careers. I explain to them the nuances of every profession, but do I ever talk about Army as one of the options to serving his/her Motherland. We all make fun even about RSP and Scouts and Guides as subject and schools too have limited them to books and camps. But what about the discipline? What about the dedication towards a cause? What about surrendering oneself towards his own country? Which education is going to teach them these thoughts?

Every one of us want the army to retaliate, today, and it should. But how many of us are ready to send their kids to the Army, or even think about it? How many of us think that my ward can become a doctor and serve the army? My ward will become an engineer and serve the army? Sorry to state this but we all just think about ourselves and our future. I don’t expect more but atleast develop love, a sense of belonging and make your ward duty bound towards the country.

We should get angry,We should rant,We should abuse,But at the same time,We have to make our country,We have to keep it clean,We have to pay our taxes regularly.

Overall, we need to vote considering it as our Divine Duty towards our Country.

Leaving this blog as a food for your thoughts, request you all to think about what has been written and act on it. Let’s do atleast this small service to our Nation, our Motherland.

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    Great words sir.

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