The Golden Thread

The Golden Thread.

*At 5 a.m.*

Her dad woke up, feeling uneasy.
He was suffocating.
She was sleeping quietly, unaware of what was happening.
Only her mom knew what happened.

*At 8 a.m.*

She woke up suddenly. It was unusual as she always woke up late. She had had a dream about her dad. She didn’t know why but she felt like seeing her dad, still unknown of the circumstances of dawn.
She went near him and slept besides him.
She consoled him like her own child as she always used to do and he slept, almost instantly.

*At 10 a.m.*

“Do you know what happened to your father?”
“No”, said she.
“He was awake since 5, was not able to sleep. Felt a bit of pain in the chest.”
“Whaa….???”, she was completely blank and she trailed off in her own thoughts.

Well, even though she was unaware of the circumstances, something in her mind told her to go to her dad, something in her mind gnawed at her, something in her mind told her to console him.
This ‘something’ was indeed the “deep” connection of minds. Well you couldn’t see them, but she surely felt them. is an admiring platform for all emerging writers to get themselves featured. Follow us and get daily such poems and more.

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