(In the narrated blog , ‘I’ doesn’t specify the Author, whereas Author has described ‘I’ as identification of Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam.)

It was the time of my childhood when I used to go to the temple on a daily basis. I would be stunned everytime seeing people staring at me differently. Perhaps they were confused noticing a Muslim boy at Hindu temple. As a matter of fact I don’t know but there was some sense of fascination that usually took me near the temple. My ears were fortunate to hear the chanting of the mantra in the shrine.
Basically there were two reasons that took me close to temples. One is my conscience and other is my Brahmin friend Ramnath Shashtri.
His father used to nurture him with all the customs being a pandit. I used to observe my friend doing Abhishek on the idol of god. I truly enjoyed that time.

I remember, we used to sit together in school and share all talks and ambitions.
One day, we attended the presence of a new teacher. We were in 5th standard that time. He seemed to be very firm and strict from his personality. He was moving around in the class with holding the stick in his hand. He abruptly stopped beside out bench where I and Ramnath were sitting together. He strongly commanded me to sit in the back saying that a Muslim student can’t sit with a son of Purohit.
That day I was immensely heartbroken.
Ramnath consoled me and we both went to our home with disappointed heart.

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Kapil Jain

Active Artists is an admiring platform for all the emerging writers who have a sense of care towards improving the society in a more better way!!

To be continued…

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