Devil under the mask of human..

Spare a few minutes to read this, I promise it’s worth it.

I’ve been reading stories and personal experiences on one of the most dreaded evils- sexual abuse and harassment, recently spreading like wild fire on social media and even newspapers.

It’s a saddening fact that this evil is so common and widespread not only in our society but the world over. But one good thing that emerged out of this is that women are no more embarrassed or they don’t shy out about talking about such issue.

They are coming out and raising their voice and it’s worth appreciating that many people are trying to reach out for help yet it’s quite distressful to note that such an evil is rooted deep down and it’s still a struggle for a woman to live on her own terms.
Sati- the old Indian practice of burning widowed women, live. Even though it seems that this evil was eradicated years ago, still it’s present all over the world in mutated forms.

Burning the live soul out of women seems to be it’s prime motive and it’s even more horrific and resentful.

The reason behind writing this is that in India, at this time of the year- ‘the festival of lights’ known as Diwali is going on but what about those women whose light has been extinguished and they live in unending darkness where there is not even a glint of hope? We may always come across such articles, read them, show sympathy and move on with our life, just because we are not directly connected with it.

But what about our conscience? Somewhere, something in our mind lingers, right?

We seriously feel we should do something but at the end we feel we are helpless in changing the situation, right? But wait! Just give it a thought, not just a thought but some action. As Malala says, “We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.” “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” is an admiring platform for all emerging writers to get themselves featured. Follow us and get daily such poems and more.

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