Story of A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

The very next day, father of Ramnath called me at his house. I was worried and making speculations about why he would have called me so suddenly.
I was numbed to see that strict teacher at my friend’s house. He was apologizing me for his act. My intuitions were not believing the situation.

World war 2 was at its end.
In rameshwaram I would always sit at the banks of river to enjoy the beautiful nature. I used to see birds flying in the sky and dream of flying in the same way taking my first flight.

I had to complete my studies. I knew, I have to study outside the village in the modern school which could avail me platform to focus. But I would stay silent and hid my dreams from my parents because I knew they will not be able to afford fees for my studies.

My father once told me :
Abdul I know what you think. You have to move ahead in life. You have to study and fulfil your aspirations. I assure you, you would complete your dreams and enlighten my name. And don’t worry about fees, we would do anything but will never disappoint you.

I was stunned with happiness flowing within me to hear these words for my father ( Valid )

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