Don’t touch the pickle.

Don’t enter the kitchen.
No entering the pooja room.
Don’t touch me or anyone.
Sleep on the mat. Keep your plate and glass.
Wash your clothes yourself.
The plants may dry if you touch them.
Use clothes, not sanitary pads.
Don’t attend marriages or any functions,not supposed to talk to the opposite gender.
Don’t go to temple God will punish and you may never get married and you are never going to get pregnant and Your Entire family will be cursed.
Do not venture out as the evil spirit will follow you and you maybe fall into bad omen.
Hush! It’s wrong to discuss it with the Men..
Men will loose their sight if they see you bleeding in your days!
How many taboos?
How many conservative beliefs?
Women are doomed with all these superstitious beliefs every month just for this natural body process, given to us by nature and that reason is “periods”,
If it is really given by God,
then why do people stop us from entering the temple,
it is not devotional but it is Spiritual!
It’s just a natural process, makes all our feminity to grow strong.
In spite of bleeding like hell for a week!
Yet it make us feel proud and beautiful,
gives us all the strength to give a new life to this world.
It is not supposed to be superstitious!
And it has to be The pink pride process, of every women on this earth “COUNTRY” Instead of called “Dirty Stinking Days”
It has to be declared as “THE PROCESS OF DIVINE FEMININE”

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    Great one.

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