Is Honour Killing really an act of Honour?

What is Honour? Google defines it as High respect, Great self esteem or The Quality of knowing and doing what is morally right.

When exactly do you feel your honor challenged?
At what point you start to feel that it becomes so intolerable that you end up killing your beloved daughter or son.

Honour killing
An act of whose honour?

In India, Marriage isn’t just two person liking and choosing each other as life partner. It is more of a stage of life to flaunt your status in society. Even though you know that this society would still be looking for opportunities to point finger at you and judge you no matter how perfectly you try to put up the exhibition of your ‘ Sanskar and Sanskriti’.

And God bless your children if they bring any hindrance in this parade.

It is shameful that people are so scared of being outcasted even in 21st century. But If you dig out our ancient history, you will be surprised to know that India was more Liberal back then.
The concept of ‘Swayamvar’ where girls have power to choose their potential husband and ‘Gandharva Vivaah’ where two person had rights to choose each other as life partner without taking consent from anyone.
And If you look at today’s scenario where love marriages are considered as sin and family gets heart attack if girl or boy is belonging to a different cast.
Here are two real stories of love marriage :
25 year old Nandish, dalit guy falls in love with Swathi from some upper cast. They get married and lived together for few months and one fine day their bodies were discovered floating in Krishnagiri river.

Amruta (from wealthy upper cast) fell in love with Pranay (belonging to some lower random cast). They get married and In September 2018, while returning from medical checkup, Pranay was murdered in front of his pregnant wife. This whole incident was caught on CCTV. Later Girl’s father confessed for plotting the murder.
I wish to know what is so royal about your caste that it should remain untouched, un – mixed.

Is it really about your honor or pretentious pride? And How exactly you are holding up the reputation of your caste community by murdering someone. Maybe ending up in Jail is an act of honour for your caste.

Do you even consider the thought that killing someone is an un-rectifiable step and this mirage of honour is going to bring you nothing since it is just an illusion.
By killing someone you become a murderer not ‘The Flag bearer’ of your community.

If you ever find out that your son or daughter is doing something which you don’t approve of then there are other ways to handle it.
Counselling them and expressing your point of view will probably help them understand things better too.
But if you are not able to make them understand your opinions and you find that your level of hatred is touching sky then please ask for some help. Be it family, friends or even Medical.

And when such person comes for help try to help them with your support or even verbal support that you understand their pain, don’t pressurise them to take such drastic step. is an admiring platform for all emerging writers to get themselves featured. Follow us and get daily such poems and more.

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