Dear papa, 

Yes!! I know this is surprising for you that I am talking to you right now. Since you haven’t imagined that we both will talk on this auspicious day but I was waiting to tell you something. I want to give you a surprise  by talking to you. 

Papa? No! I will not call you papa, you will be my baba. To whom my aai loves the most in the world. I know there are many complications in your and aai’s life. But baba I assure you no matter what the future is, you will the first person who will see me laughing, crying, my day to day activities, my crawl and I know aai will tell you each and every activity until I start talking. Then I don’t think that we will need any other intermediator between us and I can also work like your spy if you will protecting me from my over motherly and over tempered and extra caring aai. We will have the strongest bond and my aai had made up her mind that sooner or later she will let me know who exactly you are and where you stand in my life. 

Since its too early to let you know that what I think for you because I cannot even speak but appreciation  are never early.

As for now I am your unborn kid and it would be matter of kiddish that I am not even in the aai’s womb but  I know  soon I will be there. But I know I am in your heart in aai’s mind. 

I told god when I was wandering in heaven with some angels that please send me fast, and I took a sneek peek in his account book and I saw my name in their entry and delivery  book, and yayy!!! My number is soon… Baba I am coming as fast as possible.

May be around next year if every things goes well I will be in your hand,and teh. Next year on this same day I would be touching your feet and taking your blessing and then next year I would be giving you some hand made card where I can hardly write “happy father  day my baba”with the help of aai and the list will go on and O will keep surprising you each and every year/ day.  

Since I am too small to say this things but baba thankyou very much for taking care of my aai so much, we both knows na she is short tempered  but she love both of us. Keep loving her till I come in her lap then I will help you to manage her when she will be in her most high anger mode. And then we will talk man to man because she don’t  understand  man’s feeling. Dont worry baba I will be always there for you. And I dont need to worry because you will always with me in very phase of life. 

Baba please take care of yourself , and take care of my aai too, I love you  baba


And han 

Happy father’s  day my baba

Kshitija Nagpure

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